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Radiation Therapist Salary

The Bureau of Labor Statistics uses a number or resources to calculate the average yearly salary of people in radiation therapy careers. The exact amount you earn varies and depends on a number of factors including geographical location, employer, area of specialization, education, and experience. The salary data included in this article is based on full-time hours: 40 hours per week/2080 hours per year.

Radiation Therapist Salary Breakdown

Hourly, the average wage paid to radiation therapists was $37.18 per hour. The top 10 percent earned $51.55 per hour, and the bottom 10 percent earned $24.03 per hour. Annually, the median wage was $71,990 per year. The upper 10 percent made $98,190, and the lower 10 percent earned $46,580.

The lowest paid radiation therapists were typically located in rural areas where the cost of living is generally low. Professionals in these places earned below $20 per hour, but that amount may very well be more than enough to meet the needs of people that live those areas. The highest paid radiation therapists made over $50 per hour and were typically located in large metropolitan areas where not only is the cost of living higher but the demand for professionals in this specialty is high and the supply of talent low.

The states where radiation therapists are paid the most:

  • South Carolina – $97,090
  • Rhode Island – $90.330
  • Washington State – $89,420
  • New Jersey – $89,130
  • California – $88,430

The top metropolitan areas for radiation therapists are:

  • Philadelphia, PA – $111,400
  • Montgomery, AL – $101,800
  • New York/New Jersey Metropolitan Area – $98,980
  • Seattle/Bellevue/Everett, WA – $95,000
  • Sacramento/Arden/Arcade/Roseville, CA – $94,720
  • Benefits

People in this career field typically enjoy benefits such as paid time off, health insurance, sick leave, and other perks. The average benefits package radiation therapists enjoy is worth about $20,000.

Radiation Therapist Employment Data

Approximately 15,570 people are employed as radiation therapists in the United States. They primarily work in general and surgical hospitals (about 10,060 people). However, they can also be found in outpatient care centers, physician offices, government agencies, colleges and universities, and military medical facilities.

Although there are many medical occupations that allow professionals to have their own private practices, this is not one of them. Radiation therapists must work as part of team to meet the healthcare needs of the patient. Additionally, they are required by law in many states to be supervised by a radiologist.