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Pelvic Ultrasound

If you are not pregnant but need an ultrasound because of pain, or because the doctor or nurse felt a cyst or other mass, we call that a pelvic ultrasound. Usually we want to scan you through the abdomen, and also through the vagina.

For the abdominal portion of the scan, we need a very full bladder so please arrive with a full bladder. We no longer give patients specific instructions about how much water to drink. If you are going to have a transvaginal scan only, we will want your bladder empty.

Once they are finished scanning through the abdomen, they will send you to the bathroom to completely empty (blessed relief) and then we will scan you through the vagina. This is NOT painful or traumatic, so don’t worry. The transducer is designed to be used in the vagina.

You will be able to see everything, because we have a monitor on the wall for you. Also we do not scan in silence, but rather we talk about what we are seeing.