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About is a free online guide that’s dedicated to bringing you up to date and related information in regards to starting a rewarding career as an ultrasound tech.

You will also find information about obstetrical and gynecological ultrasound. There is information that will be helpful to you if you are pregnant, or if someone close to you is pregnant. In our Country most pregnant women have an ultrasound. This Web Site will tell you what to expect, will give you information about prenatal diagnosis, and generally will increase your understanding of your ultrasound examination. In addition, we talk a little about pelvic ultrasound, which is the term we use when we examine the internal female organs in a woman who is not pregnant. This examination might be done because of pain, a pelvic mass or cyst, excessive bleeding, etc.

Also we talk about prenatal diagnosis: we look at as much of the baby’s anatomy as we can to make sure it is normal. Most of the time we can tell you that we found nothing wrong. If we do find something wrong, we can evaluate the seriousness of the problem, obtain consultations, and begin helping you understand what you are dealing with.