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Finding a Job as an Ultrasound Technician

Congratulations. You finally finished your education and training to become an ultrasound technician. The obvious next step is to find employment. Lucky for you, ultrasound technicians are in high demand, and you can find a job in a number of places even in this tough economy.

The main challenge will be figuring out where to start your search. Before you open a newspaper or start searching online, you need to decide where you want to work. Hospitals are the primary employers of ultrasound technicians. However, you can also find jobs at medical facilities, diagnostic laboratories, and physician offices.

Each has their own benefits and disadvantages that you need to consider. For example, hospitals generally provide more opportunities for specialization and advancement, but tend to be very faced-paced environments. Physician offices are small enough to allow you to build personal relationships with patients, but there may be no room for advancement.

Location is another factor you should consider. Bigger cities tend to have more job opportunities but they are not for everyone. Traffic congestion, crime, and high cost of living are some of the drawbacks to living and working in a large city. Smaller areas not immune to issues though. While the cost of living is usually less, you may have a difficult time finding stuff to do in your free time. Take time to think about your personal preferences. This will provide you with a starting point in your job search.

Where to Look for Jobs

By far, the best place to look for an ultrasound technology job is the Internet. Employment sites like,, and specialize in listing job opportunities from the full spectrum of industries. The main benefit of using a site like that is you can search according to location, job title, and even salary. Many job posting sites also allow you to create a profile and upload your resume which may lead to potential employers contacting you with job opportunities.

Another option to find ultrasound technician jobs is to check with your school. Many colleges and universities have career centers that provide job search assistance to current students and recent graduates. An advisor can provide a list of local businesses that hire ultrasound technicians. It would be up to you, however, to contact those companies to see if they have any open positions. The career center at your college can also help you put together a resume and prepare for the job interviews that come your way.

Many employers are using social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn to find employees. LinkedIn in particular is a great place to start looking for a job. You can set up a profile that lists your education, experience, and other qualifications. You can then use the tools on the site to contact potential employers about job opportunities.
Other ways to find ultrasound technician jobs include searching online and traditional classified ads and asking people in your social network for help. Running searches on search engines like Google and Bing can uncover medical facilities, hospitals, and physician offices in the area of your choice that you can call for information about available jobs. In the offline world, you can find job boards in a number of places including college campuses, grocery stores, and community centers.

Tips for Getting the Job

It is important to develop a professional looking resume that displays your qualifications in the best light possible. Employers receive hundreds of resumes and will only spend a few minutes looking at yours. Make sure yours grabs their attention and gives them all the relevant information they need to feel comfortable inviting you to an interview.

One thing that can help you get the job is to obtain certification in sonography. These credentials are completely voluntary, but employers like them because they validate the person has attained the knowledge and training needed to do the job. There are three credentialing organizations that offer exams for sonography credentials: American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS), American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (AART), and Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI). All of them offer more information about the credentialing process.

Employers want to know that you are going to be a good fit for their organizations. It is a matter of selling yourself as their perfect employee. It would be a good idea to learn about the company and maybe even visit the job site to get a feel for the culture and atmosphere. Read the job description. Design your resume to highlight the skills the company is looking for. At the interview, craft your answer in ways that sells yourself as the solution to their problem. Be persistent in your job search and you will find the job of your dreams.